123 Victoria Street
Myo Opens

Myo Opens

21/05/2019 by Buildington
Myo, the new flexible office brand from Landsec, has opened its first space to customers at 123 Victoria Street.

Maureen Sutherland Smith, Chairman of The Communication Group commented: “The Communication Group has previously worked with Landsec, and so we were delighted to learn that they have introduced Myo into the flexible office market. This offers us a working environment perfectly suited to both the nature of our work and where we are as a company.”

Myo provides its customers with flexible one to three-year leases with one simple monthly payment and short four-page, no-jargon contracts. Businesses’ brand identity is at the heart of Myo’s offering, as its customisable office space allows members to have their names above the door. Businesses can select from a choice of three office fit-out styles to align with their brand and company culture, with all spaces designed to maximise productivity.

Oliver Knight, Head of Myo, added, “Expectations of what a workplace should offer are constantly changing, and employers need to meet these demands to continue to attract talent and achieve their business goals.

“People want access to the best amenities and services that support the blurring lines between work and life - regardless of the size of their business.

“That’s why Myo is focused on providing a simple, seamless service that removes all the hassle that businesses face when moving into a new office. If we can take care of all the behind-the-scenes work – whether it be managing meeting rooms or providing a clean towel and a bike rack every day - businesses can have the freedom they need to focus on their priorities.”
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