245 Hammersmith Road

Hammersmith W6
Commercial building

Key Details

245 Hammersmith Road, London W6 8PW
Summer 2019


245 Hammersmith Road is an office building in Hammersmith, London W6.

The 10-storey building provides 242,000 sq ft of flexible office accommodation and 13,000 sq ft of retail and restaurant space at ground level, as well as exciting new public space for the local community.

Providing an inviting entrance, the development is be stepped back from Hammersmith Road, creating a new landscaped plaza space at the front of the scheme that leads through to a podium garden. A funicular lift mediates the 26 ft change of level between the two external spaces.

The office space has been designed to accommodate between one and 29 tenants, with the floor plates and servicing providing the maximum level of flexibility.

2014 November - planning permission granted.
Mark Kowal from Sheppard Robson said: “The ambition and drive behind this project is to create a significant piece of contemporary architecture and a sense of place that responds to the adjacent Brook Geen Conservation Area whilst also helping embed this new development within its surroundings." - November 2014.

Work started on site in September 2015.
The building was completed in October 2019.

The property was purchased by LGP in August 2012. Replacing a 1980s office building Bechtel House, rather than comprising a single structure like the existing Bechtel House, the new design reduces the mass of the development by forming the building from two parallel wings that are connected by a central core.

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