The Warrington

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93 Warrington Crescent, London W9 1EH


Built in 1857, The Warrington holds many tales within its wooden panels. Boasting a beautiful mosaic floor and pillared portico, it’s filled with unique characteristics embodied with original features, which have been carefully refurbished. Originally a hotel, the space provides opportunities for the alternative dining it delivers.

Lending itself to a touch of controversy, there are accounts that state The Warrington was once an upmarket brothel, whilst under the ownership of the Church of England. This also lead to the introduction of the slang word ‘ Randy’, due to the nature of activity in the pub and its close proximity to neighbouring Randolph Crescent in Maida Vale.

Another piece of history comes from the early restoration in the 19th Century. As public houses were frowned upon in the early 19th century and to attract the affluent market surrounding the pub, it was restored with features using an old ship interior, including its fire place, bar and stair case, which all still stand today!

Now, under the reigns of Gordon Ramsay Holdings, The Warrington has been restored with the addition of fresh elements – such as rich, textured materials and furnishings, whilst still retaining the strong sense of history evoked by the building. The pub has its strong base of locals and also sees many famous faces from being only a few streets away from the renowned Abbey Road. The Warrington acts as a key part of Gordon Ramsay Holdings and focuses on the delivery of impeccable food, a diverse drinks menu and flawless service, to be enjoyed in the relaxed and comfortable surroundings.


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Site & Location


Warwick Avenue Underground StationBakerloo
Randolph Avenue (W9)



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